Luxury Swiss sex swing “Private Euphoria”

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Finally the sold out “Private Euphoria” is available again. Thanks a lot for your patience!
  • stylish design in various cheerful colours
  • highest comfort
  • no cramped “holding” necessary, you can let yourself go completely and enjoy
  • flexible, but inherently stable matting
  • Highly elastic special spring for weightless pleasure
  • For different ceiling heights without knots thanks to special rope
  • fluffy, height-adjustable foot straps for feet or thighs
  • extra thick, super comfortable and hygienic padding in antibacterial microfibre, washable up to 95°
  • padded frame keeps the swing in shape
  • thanks to the indestructible mesh support surface for particularly wet pleasure, can also be used without support poster
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⇒ Warranty 5 years / Spare parts available

⇒ Hygiene articles: no exchange/return


The first model of our young Swiss label LONESOME DRAGON is the “flagship” of our sexswing collection.

The construction, as simple as it is ingenious, makes a completely relaxed love play possible.

It is the only sex swing that offers the advantage of the comfort of classic slings (mats that have to be hung up at several points) with the advantage of swings (classic sex swings that can be hung up with one grip but are otherwise rather uncomfortable due to their construction).

Without acrobatic efforts, which would prevent you from letting yourself go completely, this sex swing model of Lonesome Dragon allows you to focus on your senses and enjoy your pleasure without any effort at all – but floating freely and weightlessly.

The stylish hanging lounger with the “extra kick”
With the “Private Euphoria” you not only get a unique sex swing for hours of pleasure, but also the ultimate cozy hanging lounger that, depending on the color, harmoniously integrates into your living space or spices up your loft as an exciting eye-catcher and design element (the “telltale” footrests can be easily removed if necessary). Here are two customer pictures of how the “Private Euphoria” looks in a modern setting:

By the way: although the “Private Euphoria” is already perfectly suitable as a hanging lounger, we have developed an additional set that converts your sex swing into a real (and unsuspicious) lounger in no time: Comfort Relax-Set for the sex swing “Private Euphoria”.

Video trailer of the “Private Euphoria”

We have also taken great care in the selection of materials. The thick quilted cushion pad is OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and has a noble but robust cover made of Alcantara-like microfibre. The filling consists of breathable polyester hollow fibres. This makes the padding hypoallergenic and very hygienic because it does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms. The lying surface of the sex swing consists of easy-to-clean, weather- and UV-resistant mesh. This not only guarantees maximum shape and tear resistance, but also enables fun with large quantities of liquids of all kinds. The extra thick rubber padding of the solid steel tubes ensures maximum comfort and allows the use of the love swing without padding. The ropes also meet the highest safety requirements; they are also used, for example, as tow ropes for vehicles :-) Suspension is via a proper, noble and extremely stable trapeze bar. This not only looks very stylish and gives the sex swing together with the elegant, quilted padding its special character, but is also extremely robust. You can really hold on to it without it bending. Or - for very hot positions - you can also rest your feet on it and devote yourself to pleasure while giving your partner very special insights.
Well, especially this beautiful model of a sex swing doesn't need to be hidden - on the contrary; it would be a shame! And doesn't such a thing belong to the lifestyle nowadays...? Just let your sex swing hang! It certainly makes a splendid stylish hanging seat - and it really feels great to chill in it. If you want, you can otherwise remove the two "treacherous" leg/foot loops and hang everything a little lower so that your feet touch the ground - you will see, this sexswing is also wonderfully comfortable for chilling! You still don't want to leave your "Private Euphoria" hanging? No problem, we have a simple and clever solution for you here, how you can store all the gear with just a flick of the wrist, safe and space-saving:
You can simply rinse off the sex swing - as well as the padding - in the shower. You can also wash the upholstery in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 95°. Tumble drying is possible, but not necessary, as the microfibres do not absorb water.
Technical info
  • Measures: Measures of the sex swing "Private Euphoria"
  • Frame: 32mm steel with 6mm rubber padding
  • Weight: with packaging just under 12 kg (yes, a really solid and robust part!)
  • Ceiling height: With the enclosed special rope, hanging up to a ceiling height of 2.70 metres is possible without any problems and even without having to struggle with knots. For higher ceilings, we can also provide a longer rope on request for your sex swing.
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