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Sex Swing "Private Euphoria" / Sexswing / Love Swing
Product box of the sex swing "Private Euphoria"


Sexswing new colors


Luxury Swiss sex swing “Private Euphoria”

CHF 390.00CHF 420.00

  • stylish design in various cheerful colours
  • highest comfort
  • no cramped “holding” necessary, you can let yourself go completely and enjoy
  • flexible, but inherently stable matting
  • highly elastic special spring for weightless pleasure
  • for different ceiling heights without knots thanks to special rope
  • fluffy, height-adjustable foot straps for feet or thighs
  • thick, super comfortable and hygienic padding (antibacterial and washable)
  • padded frame keeps the swing in shape
  • for particularly wet pleasure, can also be used without support poster

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⇒ Warranty 5 years / Spare parts available

⇒ Hygiene articles: no exchange/return


Gold Badge "100% The Original" 100% - since 2018

The original by LONESOME DRAGON® from Switzerland – our Private Euphoria® swing has been making people around the world go wild since 2018.

The construction, as simple as it is ingenious, makes a completely relaxed love play possible.

It is the only sex swing that offers the advantage of the comfort of classic slings (mats that have to be hung up at several points) with the advantage of swings (classic sex swings that can be hung up with one grip but are otherwise rather uncomfortable due to their construction).

Without acrobatic efforts, which would prevent you from letting yourself go completely, this sex swing model of Lonesome Dragon allows you to focus on your senses and enjoy your pleasure without any effort at all – but floating freely and weightlessly.

The stylish hanging lounger with the “extra kick”
With the “Private Euphoria” you not only get a unique sex swing for hours of pleasure, but also the ultimate cozy hanging lounger that, depending on the color, harmoniously integrates into your living space or spices up your loft as an exciting eye-catcher and design element (the “telltale” footrests can be easily removed if necessary).

Polaroid Sex Swing in Living Room

By the way: although the “Private Euphoria” is already perfectly suitable as a hanging lounger, we have developed an additional set that converts your sex swing into a real (and unsuspicious) lounger in no time: Comfort Relax-Set for the sex swing “Private Euphoria”.
The color rush continues…
Your love swing should feel like it’s truly yours. It should blend seamlessly into your life, your style, and your lifestyle. That’s why we’ve worked hard to get more new colors on the shelves so quickly.
Already a fan favorite: the COLORPHORIA Special Edition! But we’re just getting started… As of now you can choose from even more exciting special colors!

Your free inspirational gift: the owner’s video for the Private Euphoria
Unfortunately, we can’t show much here due to the protection of minors. But you are welcome to watch the G-rated trailer for the exclusive video here!
Get the video as a free gift with your Private Euphoria. Of course you’ll get it in full length (wink wink) with all the sensual romance of the X-rated (18+) version.
It’s sure to serve as unadulterated adult-rated inspiration to light the fire as you get to know your Private Euphoria!

We have also taken great care in the selection of materials. The thick quilted cushion pad is OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and has a noble but robust cover made of Alcantara-like microfibre. The filling consists of breathable polyester hollow fibres. This makes the padding hypoallergenic and very hygienic because it does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms. The lying surface of the sex swing consists of easy-to-clean, weather- and UV-resistant mesh. This not only guarantees maximum shape and tear resistance, but also enables fun with large quantities of liquids of all kinds. The extra thick rubber padding of the solid steel tubes ensures maximum comfort and allows the use of the love swing without padding. The ropes also meet the highest safety requirements; they are also used, for example, as tow ropes for vehicles 🙂 Suspension is via a proper, noble and extremely stable trapeze bar. This not only looks very stylish and gives the sex swing together with the elegant, quilted padding its special character, but is also extremely robust. You can really hold on to it without it bending. Or - for very hot positions - you can also rest your feet on it and devote yourself to pleasure while giving your partner very special insights.
Well, especially this beautiful model of a sex swing doesn't need to be hidden - on the contrary; it would be a shame! And doesn't such a thing belong to the lifestyle nowadays...? Just let your sex swing hang! It certainly makes a splendid stylish hanging seat - and it really feels great to chill in it. If you want, you can otherwise remove the two "treacherous" leg/foot loops and hang everything a little lower so that your feet touch the ground - you will see, this sexswing is also wonderfully comfortable for chilling! You still don't want to leave your "Private Euphoria" hanging? No problem, we have a simple and clever solution for you here, how you can store all the gear with just a flick of the wrist, safe and space-saving:
We ourselves don't appreciate it at all when you have to buy all the so-called "extras" for products like cars in order to get something useful at the end. However, our "Private Euphoria" as such, as it was originally developed, is fully and perfectly suitable for your pleasure and basically requires no accessories for endless fun. The accessories offered here have been developed over time based on ideas and inspirations from you and your experiences with the "Private Euphoria" (thank you for your great feedback!) to be able to fulfill special wishes. We do not want to withhold these now implemented ideas from all of you and are pleased to also make these articles available to you as added value and in the sense of ".... actually it would be nice too ...." and to offer them in connection with the purchase of a "Private Euphoria" at cost price.
Pulley system with brake

Pulley system with brake

Safely and effortlessly change the height of your swing with our 4:1 pulley system with brake. A stylish but heavy-duty design with a breaking strength of 1500 kg (~3300 lb) (!) and built-in brake keep you right where you want to be at all times.
Fantasy und Dragon Dildos aus Silikon

Silicone artworks for more pleasure

The perfect pairing for your love swing to make you shout “more!” for longer. Our dildos are the ultimate accessory for spicing up the bedroom and reaching new heights of sexual discovery and satisfaction. Whether you’re enjoying them with a partner or engaging in solo play, these dildos are the ticket to unforgettable passion.
Storage bag for your sexswing

Handy storage bag

In this way, the entire "Private Euphoria", including accessories, can be stowed away in one easy step and, for example, pushed under the bed or placed behind a door.
comfort relax-set for sex swing “Private Euphoria”

Comfort relax & conversion set

With it, you can turn your "Private Euphoria" into a "normal" hanging seat in no time at all, and you won't even need to hold your drink while chilling out.
rope paddings for your sex swing

Set of rope pads

For particularly sensitive skin, there are these fluffy rope pads to protect exposed skin areas from contact with the ropes.
Fluffy Handcuffs for your sex swing

Fluffy handcuffs

Our cuddly and soft handcuffs bring the extra "kick" into play.
Icon Gift Box comes as free gift with your Euphoria swing!
Magic-Mirror - the hot mirror for your love swing

Magic Mirror - even more fun

This mirror allows the partner in the swing completely new and hot insights into the lustful events.
Upholstery Sex-Swing

Cushion pad / Upholstery - leather and synthetic leather

Upholstery pads in elegant leather and sturdy synthetic leather to transform your "Private Euphoria" into a "Black & White Euphoria". Available in black and white.
Upholstery Sex-Swing

Cushion pad / Upholstery - textile

A second cushion pad in a different color brings variety into the game and you also always have such a "ready for use", if times one is in the wash. They come in many different gorgeous colors.
fur cover for sex swing

Fluffy-soft faux fur cover

Give your Euphoria sex swing a special touch – one of equal parts refinement and melt-into-the-cushion comfort. All you need is the plush, stunning, fluffy-soft faux fur cover to elevate the look and feel of your Euphoria to the next level.
Ceiling mounting for love swings

360° XL ceiling mount

Securely hold onto wood beams and concrete ceilings with the solid ceiling mounting kit. Available in polished steel, white or classy black.
black pigtail hook for hanging the sexswing

Swing hook for wooden beam

Stylish and massiv swing hook for wooden beams. Available in different colors (e.g. black for natural wooden beams, white for white beams) to achieve a harmonious overall look with your swing.
Wall stand for love swings

Wall stand for sex swings

As an alternative to a ceiling mount or an expansive free-standing rack, we tracked down this clever wall stand for you.
LONESOME DRAGON Shot Glasses for hot hours with your new love swing

LONESOME DRAGON shot glasses gift set

For the befitting mood and as a prelude to sizzling hours with your love swing, get now our unique shot glasses set in an eye-catching gift box.
Technical info
  • Cleaning You can simply rinse off the sex swing - as well as the padding - in the shower.You can also wash the upholstery in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 95 °C (203 °F). Tumble drying is possible, but not necessary, as the microfibres do not absorb water.But don’t be alarmed: the support cushion pad is really very large and well filled. Therefore you need a big washing machine. Otherwise it can be cleaned in the bathtub without any problems.In case of intensive use, you can of course take the upholstery to the cleaners for a "general overhaul" every two years or so.
  • Dimensions If required, see also the FAQ under: How much space do you need for your “Private Euphoria”? Dimensions of the sex swing "Private Euphoria"
  • Frame 32 mm (1.26") Steel with 6 mm (0.24") rubber padding
  • Weight With packaging around 12 kg (26.5 lbs) - yes, a really solid and robust thing!
  • Ceiling height With the enclosed special rope, hanging up to a ceiling height of 2.70 metres (8.9 ft) is possible without any problems and even without having to struggle with knots. For higher ceilings, we can also provide a longer rope on request for your sex swing. In order for the partner in front of the swing to stand comfortably and relaxed, the suspension point should not be lower than about 2.10 meters (6.9 ft) - depending on the length of the legs.
  • Load capacity of the swing The swing is safe up to a load of 150 kg (330 lbs) - however, we were not able to destroy the swing during our tests, even fully packed with sandbags. Please also consider the forces that may act on the suspension from the ceiling. And do not forget: force = mass x acceleration! This means that even 100 kg (220 lbs) in large movement (= acceleration) can become a multiple! But the swing is not intended for wildly jumping around in it, you certainly have better things to do with it....
  • Load capacity of the tension spring We have deliberately chosen our beautiful special spring so that even lighter people can already enjoy this amazing soft bouncy feeling.If the spring is dynamically stressed with more than 100 kg (220 lbs), it can "wear out", i.e. lose its preload (don't worry, you can get a spare part from us without any problems if this should happen). However, if you would rather have a stronger spring, we can gladly include a stronger spring with a load capacity of up to 160 kg (353 lbs) instead of our standard spring - just mention this as a comment in your order. Please note, however, that this spring does not provide that great soft bouncy feeling at low loads.
  • The suspension of the love swing Your love swing can be suspended from the ceiling, wall or even with a stand or rack in any living situation. Learn all about the different options in our blog post.
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