The G-spot as headliner in the sex swing!

The G-spot as headliner in the sex swing!

Why you get to know your G-spot completely new in a sex swing and why it will take you to the seventh heaven.

Couple in a sex swing

It is often said that women often have difficulties with orgasm. Hhmm… or perhaps rather with the absence of the same…?

Well, maybe a cliché, and the world isn’t black and white either. But it is forgiven (and just be thankful) if no differentiated, medical-psychological treatise is published here, but it is simply stated that for women the topic “orgasm” presents itself differently than for men – and yes, sex can certainly be good without orgasm.

And yet, such a thing does not harm (and should indeed be highly desirable for health reasons), so why not think about it for a moment?

So let’s agree, in the sense of a basis for discussion, that statistically in classical sex the man is usually the one who has to hold back on the subject of “orgasm” (or should at least consider this as a righteous gentleman), whereas it is rather the other way around in women.


For sure for women, and this is what it is about now, because men, as you know, do not have a G-spot and it is supposed to be about the G-spot – even if you don’t notice it yet – the mindset is an absolutely decisive factor. The head cinema. The mood. All the “soft factors”, which are difficult to put into words, and even rarer in “recipes for success”.

Fortunately we don’t have to face these things here and now, but we want to focus on “tangible” things, i.e. the “hardware”, in this blog.

So why else could it be that men come so quickly and women often need longer to do so?

Yes exactly; in addition to the mindset, this could actually also be based to the technical design.

… and Hardware

Don’t worry, not that nature would have allowed women to have low-quality equipment *crossed*, no; the “hotspots” are obviously a little more difficult to reach!

hidden G-spot

What we know as clitoris, for example, is only the tip of the iceberg. Bad metaphor, but in fact the sweetest of all visible peas is only a very small part of the clitoris. It is actually a highly sophisticated system with a length of up to four centimeters, with additional thighs and swell bodies all around, so basically a small miracle of lust technique. (siehe

In a technical comparison to a man, however, this would be something like this: if only the glans of the penis were to protrude timidly from the body and the rest of the penis was well packed and hidden somewhere in the lower abdomen – well protected from contact.

So bad cards, basically, for orgsams…

But let’s let the clitoris be good for today and see what else there is in the woman’s arsenal of lust. And yes, indeed: Women can score again right away because they were given a second hotspot, quasi as a “bonus”. Finally we get to the point here. Exactly, the G-spot!

No G-spot on the forehead

Long denied and underestimated, entwined with legends and myths, even this one can give you the most wonderful orgasms – but only if you give it the attention it deserves. Because here, too, the sometimes somewhat insidious nature has decided to give it to the female being as an “insider tip”, i.e. in a somewhat less exposed (if not hidden) place. Well, maybe it wouldn’t be beneficial for the ability to concentrate in daily life if it would be better reachable as perhaps on the belly button or on the forehead *lol*.

Anyway, the g-spot is where it is. However, the point is that the G-Spot wants to be massaged in order to fulfil its supposed purpose, lust, or even better, orgasms. And this with increasing excitement even harder (women who can squirt know what I am talking about…).

Only, with the usual positions during sexual intercourse, he is criminally neglected by the male limb and only touched in the process. That’s certainly half the battle, but honestly: that can be done. Better for worlds; there is still much, much more possible….

Just how? We ourselves find it very exciting when fingers are still involved during sex. Yes, best the fingers of both our hands and everything wet… Oh, I just get into something and drift down, sorry *cough*.

The G-spot as a direct hit (literally)

No, in order to optimally stimulate the G-spot during sex, a position must be found in which the penis not only happily meanders past the G-spot during sex, but also hits it directly and massages it. Basically in such a way that the tip of the penis hits the G-spot directly with every push – be it gentle and romantic or hard, passionate and demanding.

And this is basically very simple and obvious: it is only about the angle with which the penis penetrates the vagina! This is the whole secret and recipe for success.

So, how do we do this in concrete terms? Exactly: technically speaking, the man’s body basically only has to be at a 90° angle to the woman’s – and that’s it. The penis automatically becomes the absolute G-spot magic wand and massage stick!

However, in bed it is a bit tedious and in the long run strenuous to hold appropriate positions. And you don’t just want to maintain this stimulation for two minutes, you also want to be completely relaxed (at least at the beginning of the event) and above all enjoy it for a long time. A common G-spot needs quite a while of this “massage” until it reaches the stage of “explosions” – but it can also do this several times, and how (again a plus point compared to a man).

And just for this a position is important, which can be enjoyed by both partners without too much effort and in which the G-spot is not only “touched” a bit, but is quasi “really massaged” for a while, until it is fully charged and only wants one thing: come, come, come!

Here is the illustration of the different effects of the penis on the G-spot during “normal” sex (left) and sex in the love swing (right):


Different angles of the penis against the G-spot in missionary position versus in a sex swing


Those who have never felt it like this before, will probably rightly pull their hair out and lament loudly: “why has nobody yet shown me this; all’ the years without these intense orgasms”!

Of course, you can try this on a table if you don’t have a (comfortable) love swing yet, technically it’s a good idea. However, a table is quite hard and although good for a quickie, you can’t be quite so relaxed on it. The height of the table is also seldom exactly right so that the man can stand comfortably, which is very important, however, so that he remains relaxed and thus “holds out” longer (yes, “man” can prolong the ejaculation when standing relaxed).

Furthermore, the movements of the swing, which are triggered by your love play and adapt to the rhythm of the act of love, can intensify the experience. In contrast to a table, it is also quite practical when the standing partner can “guide” the swing.

However, all this only works if an absolutely comfortable love swing, such as the “Private Euphoria” is used. The models with the straps that require you to hold yourself do not allow a relaxed posture.

Driven to extremes

If, by the way, the feet are placed on the trapeze bar instead of the foot loops, the effect of the angle and the effect on the G-spot are extremely amplified and driven to the tip – this brings every G-spot to an eruption!

Position with the feet on the trapeze bar in a sex swing

Last but not least it should be mentioned that one or the other woman suddenly discovered “squirting” in the love swing thanks to the combination of relaxed posture and “letting oneself go” and this incredibly intensive G-spot stimulation (which was denied like the existence of the G-spot for a long time, but more about this maybe another time).


Now the only thing left to do is to give the G-spot a rejoicing “high”, which perhaps, thanks to your new swing of love, will play a completely new and lustful leading role in your next romantic evening…

Have fun!


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