The sexswing “Private Euphoria” in US TV Series «Pam & Tommy»

The sexswing “Private Euphoria” in US TV Series «Pam & Tommy»

A strange order from L.A. – and a big surprise

We actually received an order from LA two years ago with a strange shipping address*1. As it turned out when we asked questions, it was a film studio and the customer said they needed the “Private Euphoria” for the set of a new TV series.
Of course, we thought to ourselves, they’ll order a thousand things and in the end most of them won’t be used anyway. But it’s still great that they found us at all – and that they like our “Private Euphoria” love swing.
And then suddenly, complete madness: Rob who is from the USA and owns one of our “Private Euphoria” love swings, reported to us very excitedly that he had seen the “Private Euphoria” (the insider tip amongst the love swings from this small swing-maker from Switzerland) on TV! His wife had called him in great excitement- they could not believe their eyes!

…. and Yvonne and I are now over the moon and can’t quite believe it yet!

Ok, but let’s start at the beginning…..

The first viral sex tape of the world

das Sex Tape von Pam and Tommy

Anyone who comes from the same era as us (Ahem!) will surely remember the huge scandal back when the internet was just starting out.

At the time, the first leaked sex video and “the world’s first viral video” was sold illegally over the Internet; it featured intimate, passionate sex scenes with, amongst others, actress Pamela Anderson (the Baywatch icon) and Motley Crew drummer Tommy Lee.

The series “Pam & Tommy” – and the “Private Euphoria”

Now Hulu has made a series about it, which appears on Disney+ (What?!!).

«Pam & Tommy» is about the turbulent relationship between Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in the 90s, the theft of their private sex tapes and the subsequent legal battle.

Pam and Tommy - die Serie

It all starts when Tommy has a huge love nest complete with spa, built in his villa and all designed around a love swing (we won’t say anymore).
And already in the first episode of the series, Tommy strolls – half-naked and straight out of the bedroom – through the construction site area of his future love nest and examines the love swing, which apparently already hangs there as a central reference point for the craftsmen:

Tommy Lee inspects his "Private Euphoria" sexswing


Tommy Lee with his sexswing

Tommy Lee with his sexswing

His only dry comment is: “I like it”.

Yvonne and I are still completely blown away and speechless, we are almost bursting with pride.

We, the little unknown love swing makers from Switzerland… Wow!

Those are the small rewards and moments of success in life that make you think “it was worth it after all”.

Do we perhaps have a secret fan amongst the creators of «Pam & Tommy»?

Or is there such a thing as karma and that we are being rewarded for the countless nights and long weekends on which we gave everything for LONESOME DRAGON?


Who can say? … In the meantime, we’ll just open the champagne and celebrate this small success.


Heartfelt greetings from Weisslingen, Switzerland

Your tireless love swing makers
Wolfgang & Yvonne


Eine eigene lustige Story… Um Rückläufer zu vermeiden, prüfen wir vor allem bei Überseebestellungen bei ungewöhnlichen Adressen o.ä. kurz nach. Hier fand sich unter der angegebenen Hausnummer eine Papierfirma. Nun ja, warum nicht, auch dort braucht es für zufrieden Mitarbeiter ja Liebesschaukeln. Auf deren Website wurden wir aber doch stutzig. U.a. sehr seltsame Mailadressen; der Buchhalter beispielsweise hat “”…

Und bei unter “über uns” heisst es:

«…Our company is based on service and quality since the day it was made in 1949. Started in Scranton, Penn., we only use quality redwoods for its paper. some people may say,” You’re ruining the environment!” We just smile and give them a stack of paper…»

Nun war unsere Neugier definitiv geweckt… und bei den Google Bewertungen gingen uns dann die Augen über. Von Kopiergeräten, die aus dem Fenster fliegen bis zu wilden Polizeijagden. Oder die begeisterte 5-Sterne Bewertung: “the sales men Andy tried to kiss me”.

Wir dachten schon, wir hätten die Peilung gänzlich verloren, aber des Rätsels Lösung war dann – und Amerikaner oder Serienjunkies wären bestimmt nicht drauf reingefallen – dass es die betreffende Firma “Dunder Mifflin” nur in einer Serie “The Office” gibt; was mussten wir lachen!

Und an der selben Adresse befinden sich natürlich – in der richtigen Welt – die Filmstudios. Nur hatte unser Besteller diese in der Bestellung gar nicht namentlich erwähnt, sondern nur den Namen einer Person und diese Adresse (zudem noch als abweichende Lieferadresse) angegeben – weshalb wir überhaupt erst nachgeprüft hatten.

Ja, mit LONESOME DRAGON wird es einem nie langweilig, ha ha!



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