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Hanging your sex swing – with or without ceiling mount

Worried about whether you can hang up a sex swing? Or how to do it? Good news: There’s a solution for every living situation, including rentals.

Hanging the love swing from the ceiling is always the best choice.

Models like the “Private Euphoria®” can also be used as an innocent, ultra-comfy hanging chair for chilling out in. These models can be suspended from several points on the ceiling so you can use it in different places (balcony, patio, different rooms, etc.) to suit your mood.

Sexswing Private Euphoria By LONESOME DRAGON

However, for situations where hanging from the ceiling is difficult, there are also clever alternative solutions.

This article will show you all the ways you can hang your sex swing so you don’t have to miss out on all the steamy-hot fun:

1. Ceiling mounts for wood and concrete for sex swings

Best case: exposed wooden beams

The best-case scenario is exposed wooden beams. The mounting hardware for wood is a standard swing hook, which can be screwed into a wooden beam in just a few minutes.

Galvanized and white swing hooks are available in any hardware store. You probably won’t find black hooks, however, which look very classy (especially against natural wood) in combination with the black rope and black spring that come with our sex swings. That’s why we’ve produced them just for you:

Swing hook for wooden beams
Swing hook for wooden beams
A little trickier: wood beams with paneling

Even if the ceiling is drywall, paneling, or sheetrock, it’s covering load-bearing wooden beams (unless your ceiling is concrete, of course). The only tricky part is locating these beams, but they can be detected with a stud finder.

Ceiling structure with concealed wooden beams
Ceilings with concealed wooden beams

If in doubt, have a carpenter swing by. He or she can find beams in minutes with a professional device. They might even screw the hook in for you, which is super quick to do and shouldn’t cost much.

Suspended ceilings in old houses

Old buildings commonly have suspended ceilings (drop ceilings or false ceilings). With this type of ceiling, the load-bearing wooden beams are some distance above the visible ceiling to accommodate other layers (such as reed boards).

This makes it a bit more difficult to find the beams, but they are definitely there. That means mounting to the ceiling with a hook is still no problem at all – you just need a longer hook.

Attachment of a sex swing to concrete ceilings using an anchor

A swing hook for wood can be used with a plastic anchor to attach the sex swing to a concrete ceiling. However, that means all of the weight is hanging from this one plastic anchor. So if it’s not rock-solid, it’s a risky setup.

Attachment of a sex swing to concrete ceilings using a base plate

The better option is a ceiling attachment with four concrete screws (concrete anchors). The base plate has an eyebolt for hanging the swing. The four concrete anchors expand when screwed in and bite into the concrete.

Ceiling Fixing For Sexswing in Wood And Concrete Ceilings

Our ceiling mount kits also include wood screws, which makes them the perfect kit for wooden beams and concrete ceilings alike.

Heavy-duty anchor for concrete ceilings

Another option for concrete ceilings is to use a heavy-duty anchor, such as from Fischer (no, we don’t earn a commission). This is a concrete anchor with an internal thread.

The swing hangs from a hook or eyebolt that gets screwed into the anchor. It can be removed whenever it’s not being used by simply unscrewing it (the heavy-duty anchor stays hidden in the ceiling). Slap a little round sticker on the hole, and the ceiling once again looks unpenetrated. Another advantage is that a single heavy-duty anchor (use a larger diameter!) is sufficient, so you only have to drill one hole in the ceiling.

Heavy Duty Anchor Fischer With Internal Thread
Camouflaging sex swing ceiling hooks

A swing like the Private Euphoria need not be hidden (it’s a great hanging chair), but sometimes people ask us what to do about the “telltale” attachments to the ceiling.

1. Use hooks for hanging plants, decorations, and more

The empty hook in the ceiling is perfect for hanging a plant or decorative basket. Athletic types could hang a punching bag on it – that would even give the room a touch of power and vitality.

Hanging Plant As A Camouflage Of Sexswing Suspension
2. Fake smoke detector

Pop an empty smoke detector over the hook to hide your lecherous goings-on…and demonstrate your safety awareness (LOL)!

Smoke Detector Housing As Camouflage For Sexswing Suspension
3. Heavy-duty anchor with internal thread + sticker

The visible hook on these anchors is easy to remove. Then the hole can temporarily be covered with a sticker for the perfect camouflage.

Heavy Duty Anchor Fischer With Internal Thread Mounting Steps
Important safety note for drilling concrete ceilings

We don’t want to scare you, but it’s important to mention: Concrete ceilings usually contain pipes and conduits (electricity, water, radiant heating). However, in modern concrete ceilings, these should be deeper than you’ll need to drill for concrete anchors.

Nevertheless, if you’re uncertain, have lines located by an expert with professional equipment.

2. Wall stand for your sex swing

A great alternative to attaching your sex swing to the ceiling is this amazingly robust wall stand.

It won’t break the bank, plus it’s easy to install, can be removed with a flick of the wrist, and looks much nicer than free-standing racks.

Click here to learn more about it.

The wall stand for sex swings
The wall stand for sex swings

3. Free-standing frame for sex swings

A frame made of metal tubing creates a free-standing frame for hanging the sex swing.

You’ll need to make sure that the suspension point is high enough for the specific model of swing. For our Euphoria models, it should be at least 2.1 meters (6’ 10”) off the ground, depending on the length of your legs.

Keep in mind, though: If you can’t leave the frame up, you’ll need to assemble and disassemble it each time it’s used. It’s a matter of taste whether you’re okay with a free-standing frame always being in the room. Plus, having metal bars all around can restrict movement while in the swing.

Many sex swing frames are too short for our swings, so we’re excited about the frames from Khanh Trinh!

The models KT1.1520YG or KT1.1520 are perfect, and the company does offer worldwide shipping from USA (free within contiguous United States). These frames can be collapsed in one hand motion and are tall enough for all kinds of yoga equipment and sex swings.

Yoga and sexswing frame
Yoga frame - perfect for sexswings

Another nice suitable frame that we have found for you is the X-Pole A-Frame. You can find it directly from the manufacturer in the UK (worldwide shipping) at or from various local suppliers in your country.

4. Collapsible Wall mount for punching bags …and sex swings

This solution has two advantages over the freestanding frame: 1) The swing is still accessible from 3 sides. 2) No assembly and disassembly every time you use the sex swing.

There are many different models on the market, so check that the arm is long enough to allow enough space between the swing and the wall. The most convenient models are the ones that collapse horizontally or vertically so the arm is out of the way when not in use. Here are two examples from RDX to give you an idea of what these look like:

Wall mounts for punching bags and Sexswings
Collapsible wall mounts for punching bags and sex swings

5. easy height adjustment and effortless lifting – 4:1 self-locking block and tackle pulley system

Bring comfort and style into your haven of passion with our high-quality block and tackle pulley system, specially designed for easily adjusting your sex swing, hanging chair, or other heavy object to the perfect height.

Lift and lower objects with minimal effort thanks to the beastly 4:1 mechanical advantage. No more struggling to heave your swing in the air – enjoy the luxury of effortless height adjustment with a pulley system!

A heavy-duty design with a breaking strength of 1500 kg (~3300 lb) (!) and built-in brake keep you right where you want to be at all times. Wanna get your sex swing higher in the air? Or gently lower it down onto the floor? Either way, our secure brake guarantees safe and controlled motion.

Hotels, clubs, or right in your bedroom – our block and tackle pulley system is the perfect solution for easy and effortless height adjustment. Get creative! This pulley system isn’t just for love swings and other hanging furniture. It can handle just about any load you need to lift and lower safely and ergonomically.

4:1 pulley system with self locking brake

what if I live in a rental?

Can you drill holes in walls and ceilings, or do you need the landlord’s permission? You are usually allowed to drill holes as long as they are small (like needed for a sex swing) and can easily be repaired – in any case, check your lease.

Couple drilling holes in rental apartment

Tip: To make things easier for when you move out, insert dowels and concrete anchors a few millimeters deeper than necessary. Then you can fill it with spackle or the like, and the place is good as new!

Fun Facts

The obligation to professionally close boreholes when moving out basically only exists if the rental agreement contains an effective provision on the assumption of cosmetic repairs (for example, AG Pankow-Weißensee, judgment of 24.09.2014, Ref.: 7 C 135/14).

This even in a case that was heard before the Hamburg Regional Court. In the case, a tenant had put 36 (!) dowel holes in the bathroom to attach toothbrush glasses, soap dish and Co. to the wall. Even here, the court could not recognize any breach of contract under rental law.

Of course, one should not push it to the extreme: For example, the LG Wuppertal ruled that tenants are obligated to professionally close all drill holes even without an effective repair clause. This is because the court considered the proud number of 126 boreholes in an apartment to be somewhat excessive. (Judgment of 16.07.2020, Az.: 9 S 18/20).

In the case of this tenant, who had left behind no less than 50 to 60 dowel holes in a single room, the court also considered a complete new wall painting to be necessary instead of a selective repair, which the tenant had to pay for (judgment of 02.08.2012, ref.: 11 C 329/11).



Most attachment solutions for sex swings are quick and simple and cause no trouble at all. Nevertheless, if you are unsure about any aspect (load-bearing capacity of the ceiling, stability of the hardware, etc.), seek the advice of a professional. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have your trusted contractor come out for 15 minutes. And it can save your arms and your legs…

Something like this can definitely happen if the love swing is not suspended safely *lol*:

This is a fantastic sex swing fail. A fall from a sex swing doesn’t cover a lot of distance, so it usually has an okay ending and makes for a good laugh.

But you can get seriously hurt – landing on your back or head on a hard floor can leave you paralyzed, or worse. All that just because the hook wasn’t properly attached? It’s not worth it, is it?


Regardless of the setup of your home, there’s always a way to hang a sex swing – no one should miss out on all the fun!

We hope this overview helps you choose the right option for hanging your sex swing and that you’ll be in your swing having the time of your life very soon. We share in your excitement! ?

And if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you!

Best regards from Weisslingen, Switzerland

Wolfgang & Yvonne

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