Sex Swing Stand for Walls



With this stand, you can use your sex swing without any ceiling mount or frame. The only thing you need is a wall.


Maybe you can’t attach a love swing to the ceiling and you don’t want to buy a huge and expensive frame for it either. So, do you have to lead a dreary life without a love swing…? Not at all. In just a few simple steps, you can put this stand together and fix it to a hook on the wall. Then, your love swing will be hanging ready for use!


We were positively surprised when we held this stand in our hands for the first time in the showroom.

Initially, our first concern was stability as well as maximum height, because we thought that the arm would probably bend too far down when under load. But this is not the case, because although it looks quite fragile in the pictures, it is an extremely strong and surprisingly heavy part.

Then, we were worried that the whole thing was somehow quite dangerous, because the part is supposed to be attached to the wall with a simple hook. But we’re now totally reassured on this level; most of the weight is carried by the massive stand, the hook only bears a relatively small amount of force (but wild swinging might still not be recommended!).

We also couldn’t imagine that this construction would leave enough room on the sides for our somewhat expansive “Private Euphoria”, but even here, this stand impresses us.

Wall Stand / Wandständer / Gestell für Liebesschaukel Sex Swing


Although we keep getting requests for our other huge, freestanding frame, we don’t want to provide this anymore – it’s just too big, too expensive and somehow very cumbersome. Therefore, we’ve been looking for an alternative for a long time. But all standard stands/frames are either not stable enough, don’t offer enough height or leave enough space on the sides for a love swing. Therefore, we’re extremely pleased to have found this great wall stand.

Of course, we think that nothing beats a ceiling mount. But if it’s the case that you’re missing out on a love swing in your life completely because you’re not allowed to drill into the ceiling or maybe can’t even do this, the wall stand is a really good and also inexpensive alternative.

Last but not least, the stand looks quite chic somehow – and doesn’t fits in pretty well with our sex swing “Private Euphoria”.

Wall Stand for Sex Swing "Private Euphoria" from LONESOME DRAGON Switzerland



  • Height: with telescopic tubes adjustable from 225 cm to 250 cm
  • Width of foot: 100 cm
  • Weight: 13,5 kg
  • Load capacity: max. 120 kg
  • Surface coating: The new RockStone coating not only makes the frame look elegant and modern, but the granite rock look is also more scratch-resistant than its predecessor, which was powder-coated.
  • Accessories included: chain, carabiner, screw and dowel for wall mounting
Package Content Wall Mount for Sex Swing

Package Contents


  • Contrary to some reviews on Amazon, the holes for the screws are by no means drilled imprecisely. Actually, they are so precise that the tubes or their holes really have to be 100% exactly in line for the screws to be screwed in. A little bit of fingertip sensitivity is required here to make this work and also to avoid damaging the thread. Diagonal screwing is to be avoided.
  • This solution with the screw in the wall naturally requires a robust wall. If you have concerns about hollow bricks or similar, you can, in case of doubt, simply use a small ceiling attachment with four screws as an anchor point for the wall instead of the one screw.
Surface Wall Stand for Sex Swing

RockStone Surface Coating


This stand must be sent separately due to the size of the package. As we are permanently struggling with space problems and this product is not manufactured by us but by “AMAZONAS” (not “AMAZON”!), we can demonstrate it in our showroom, but we ask you to order it directly from AMAZONAS (and no, we don’t get any commission for it).

Tip: the part is called “PALMERA” and there are very good offers in the internet from many dealers (but also from time to time on eBay).

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