FAQ – frequently asked questions


Your products seem very expensive. Why can’t you make them cheaper?

Some of the basic prerequisites for low-priced products:

  • Mass production with associated low costs and highly optimized and automated processes
  • The claim to throw a product anonymously onto the market as a mass product and thus deprive it of its individual magic
  • The use of as cheap as possible materials and components

LONESOME DRAGON makes a point of not doing any of this.

Indeed, we could be much cheaper, maybe even while maintaining the same quality, if we had our “Private Euphoria”, for example, fully manufactured and packaged in bulk the Far East (ideally using different hubs in different regions of the continent). This would mean our products could be delivered to customers by simply “box moving” them through an online shop. To do this, all we’d need would be an internet connection in a sunny country somewhere and we could retire to lead a life of leisure…

However, this isn’t what LONESOME DRAGON is about. For us, LONESOME DRAGON is our passion. We pour our heart and soul into our brand, living and breathing it. We enjoy your visits in our showrooms (preferably over a coffee, beer or glass of bubbly) and like to get to know you, our customers. We are still putting our own hands on everything, wrap and box every single item, take it to the post office and are really happy when we know it’s finally reached you as its proud new owner.

We would like to preserve this path as long as possible, where passion instead of cold numbers and accountants drive our business – even if this means that we don’t get rich (yet) as quickly 🙂

Last but not least, we all know what a single romantic dinner costs – at least here in Switzerland. Not to mention if you enjoy more than one course and maybe even some wine.

By comparison, the pleasure of your “Private Euphoria” is fortunately not only unique. It’s built to stand the test of time and will last long into the future. So if you count down to the single hour of pleasure it is really an absolute bargain 🙂


Can I come pick up my love swing at your place?

Yes, of course. We are looking forward to your visit, but please contact us in advance so that we can reserve the model you want (or you can order it right here in our shop) and we will be there for you.

How do you ship?

We ship by standard with the Swiss Post.


We can also send you your love swing with a courier of your choice (e.g. DHL, TNT etc.), but please send us a short message because this is not provided for in the shop system.

Where do you ship to?

We will do everything in our power to ensure that you get your love swing all over the world, whether to the Tyrol mountains, to outer Mongolia or the Fiji Islands!

Do you ship discreetly?

Absolutely. In addition to the product packaging, your love swing will be sent to you in a neutral cardboard box as an outer packaging.

How much is the shipping?

We dispatch with the Swiss Post and charge only the effective postage costs, packing and other goes on our cap.


The shipping costs are displayed in the shopping cart depending on the country (no worries, even before a possible registration process).


Please be aware that in your country there may be additional costs due to local import taxes and/or customs clearance costs over which we have no control and which we cannot influence.


Replacement and repair of parts

Your Labrador chewed up that nice pillow? The shiny balls of the trapeze bar are hopelessly scratched because your nephew tried to use the trapeze bar as a laser sword? The spring is a bit worn out when all five children of your sister played “Moonbounce” on the love swing?
No problem – we are also there for you after the purchase and can repair or replace just about any part of the LONESOME DRAGON love swing program.


Please contact us in any case before you send something back. In this way you can help to avoid misdirected parcels, broken parcels etc. and unnecessary waiting times for yourself – thank you!


For possible damages to our products which occur during normal use and are due to defects in material or workmanship, you are entitled to repair or replacement for a period of 5 years. Excluded from this are possible normal wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or commercial use.


Please do not return without prior consultation. If you want to send something back, please contact us in advance in order to avoid misdirected returns etc. and unnecessary waiting times for you. We cannot accept any liability for returns that have not been agreed. Thank you!


What payment options are there?

For shipping
Pay as follows if you order online and want to receive your love swing by mail:

  • when ordering: with the usual credit cards as well as with PayPal
  • after order: with bank transfer / wire transfer (prepayment)

For local pick-up
If you would like to receive your swing yourself right away and come by, the following payment options are open to you in our showroom:

  • Cash payment
  • EC card
  • TWINT (Swiss mobile payments)
  • common credit cards

You can of course also order directly in our online shop, pay there via the checkout process and then simply pick up the swing here in the showroom.

Returns and exchange

Since our products are hygienic articles and every customer wants to be sure that he only gets “untouched” articles, a return or an exchange is unfortunately not possible.


But since we put all our heart and soul into our love swings and it is very important to us to only have satisfied customers, we may also find a solution for a possible problem – please simply contact us in such a case.


Help, I can’t drill into the ceiling – is there another solution to hang my sex swing?

We would prefer a ceiling mounting in any case (can also serve as a suspension for a plant or be camouflaged with a smoke detector housing). But if it is not possible to mount it on the ceiling at all, we have good news for you: You don’t have to live without your love swing now, nor do you have to put on such a bulky and expensive metal frame.


Finally now we have found a clever solution that we can recommend: the wall stand.

Do I need this solid ceiling mount with four screws?

Well, look here

Can “man” stay longer in a love swing?

That’s really true! Find out more about this amazing and very useful effect here: “You can do it longer!

Is the G-spot particularly stimulated in a love swing?

Yes, indeed it is. Especially for women who do not reach orgasm “at the push of a button”, a comfortable love swing such as the Private Euphoria is ideal. Not only because she can relax completely in it, but also because the G-spot is not only touched by the resulting angles as, for example, in the missionary position, but is directly stimulated.


Different angles of the penis against the G-spot in missionary position versus in a sex swingIn the love swing the G spot is stimulated directly, while in conventional positions it is only touched.


The blog post “The G-spot as the main actor in the love swing” will discuss this great effect in more detail.


Of course, love swings are actually something completely harmless. Nevertheless you are at a certain distance from the safe ground. A fall can have really serious consequences, especially since in the event of an accident you might hit the hard ground with your back or head.


For this reason, it goes without saying that the fastening to the ceiling (or a beam, etc.) has been carried out properly and that the material (ceiling) is suitably load-bearing.


Nevertheless, before each use it must be checked briefly whether the ceiling attachment is not loose, whether no connections (e.g. screws on the frame of the love swing) have come loose and whether there is no damage to the material. The spring and the rope must also be checked accordingly.


While models like “Private Euphoria” are very safe, you have to hold on to a classic love swing. Therefore such models may only be used in good physical condition.


As I said, it’s “just a swing”, but most accidents actually happen in the household….

General Tips

Depending on the model, you will find hints and tips in the manual for your love swing for maximum joy and pleasure.


But we are also happy to advise you if you would like to know more about it in advance.


Cleaning and care

The classic love swings are cleaned with a damp cloth, with a sponge or also by rinsing under the shower.


The “Private Euphoria” model from LONESOME DRAGON can also be rinsed off in the shower, just like the quilted giant support cushion pad.


The giant support cushion pad can even be washed in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 95° (!). Tumble drying is possible, but not necessary, as the microfibres do not soak up water.


But don’t be alarmed: the support cushion pad is really very large and well filled. Therefore you need a big washing machine. Otherwise it can be cleaned in the bathtub without any problems.

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