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As an Affiliate Partner, you’ll get a personal “partner link” (referral URL) that will take visitors to our website. Just mention us or our sex swings on social media, in a blog post, in an email, etc. and include your referral link.

When someone visits our site with this link and buys something, a commission is automatically generated. This even works if they buy something at a later date. The commission will be credited to your personal account with us and will pay out monthly (via bank transfer or PayPal).


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Totally free

Your no-obligation partnership with LONESOME DRAGON costs absolutely nothing. You and only you decide if, how, and how often you recommend us.

60-day cookie lifetime

Even if someone doesn't buy something on the first visit, you still earn a commission if they return to our site and order within 60 days.

Exciting commission rates

You earn a commission on the total value of each order any time a visitor finds us through you. That’s really something to celebrate about your affiliate partnership with LONESOME DRAGON, because our average order total is much higher than that of other affiliate programs (such as for books).

Total control and real-time tracking

Your affiliate account allows you to monitor everything in real time. You can see visitor numbers, get detailed statistics, and check on your payouts whenever you want.

Monthly payout

You’ll see convenient automatic commission payouts every single month.

Direct support

As your partner, we’re always available to help, and we even look forward to working with you!

Wide target group

Our Private Euphoria® love swing is super comfy and has a living-room-friendly design. That’s what makes it so appealing to a very wide audience, about half of which identifies as female. Our swing brings excitement to bedrooms all over the world – not just for the young, but also for those seeking a solution for mobility limitations caused by illness, disability, or age.

Share something real

The Private Euphoria® is one of a kind. Educating your target audience about this swing is a way to share something truly special. Something we frequently hear from customers: “How is it we had no idea this existed!”


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Get started in 3 easy steps:

Sign up

Sign up using the link below (we’d also love to get an email from you to learn about you and your business!).

Activate your account

We’ll review your application, activate your affiliate account, and send your affiliate link along with images for linking.

Publish & earn

Mention us on social media, in your blog, etc. and automatically earn commission for your support.

Thank you for supporting LONESOME DRAGON – can’t wait to work with you!
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