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Sex Sling LONESOME DRAGON “Easy Rider”

CHF 179.00

  • comfortable and aesthetically pleasing sling mat
  • usable on both sides with two different colors/designs
  • clever construction with inner lining and internal reinforcements
  • no chains necessary for suspension
  • easy adjustment of the height and the desired angle of tilt
  • padded footrests included
  • safety carabiner included
  • transport and storage bag included
  • as a free gift with your order: a set of Daisy-Chains worth CHF 59.00

free Gift: a set of 4 Daisy Chains

Avaialble - only 3 left in stock


Our new “Easy Rider” is the ideal entry-level model for people who already want something comfortable and value a friendly, appealing design.

The perfect start to add another exciting component to your love life – the floating pleasure experience.

Why does the world still need this additional model of LONESOME DRAGON now?

  • Relaxed pleasure
    in contrast to the classic love swings, you can already let yourself go completely in this entry-level model; you don’t need to hold on tight or keep your head in the air, but can surrender to the pleasure in a completely relaxed way – good for long fun!
  • A treat for the appetite….. a treat for the eyes
    unlike conventional “slings” (i.e. mats with suspension via chains), this model not only impresses with its appealing design, but also dispenses with the usual heavy metal chains, which not only might take some getting used to optically, but also develop a disturbing noise depending on the case. (for a smile see also here: German tenant evicted for squeaky old sex swing: court).
  • Low-cost entry
    as a budget-friendly alternative to the high-end models of our “Euphoria” series, we offer this model at an attractive entry-level price. Shipping is also cheaper due to the lower weight and smaller dimensions.

The mat offers two different sides, which can be used according to taste or mood. One side is made of black synthetic leather with a pleasing quilted pattern, the other is made of sturdy red fabric. The surfaces of both sides are water repellent and easy to clean.

details of the sex sling Easy Rider

For the maximum stability and a comfortable lying feeling, the construction of the structure of the mat consists of different layers and layers:

  • Frame made of circumferential webbing
  • Layer of decorative water repellent synthetic leather with quilted pattern incorporated
  • Layer from tile
  • soft inner padding
  • Layer from tile
  • Support structure made of internal webbing
  • Layer made of water repellent oxford D300, durable and easy to clean
  • Frame made of circumferential webbing

For this model we have again come up with something special. It is based on the idea of “slings” in terms of comfort, but instead of having to get ugly, heavy and clanking metal chains for the suspension, you get a set of four high-quality, beautiful and above all incredibly practical “daisy chains” worth CHF 59.00 as a free gift with your order .

Daisy Chains mit Höhenverstellung

These elaborately double-stitched daisy chains are not only very classy, but also extremely robust – and also completely silent, unlike chains.

This also makes suspension and optimal height a breeze, and setting the desired angle of inclination for the mat is also a snap with the daisy chains.

Last but not least, this mat is not a bad idea for chilling out (and although we find the footrests very comfortable for relaxing as well, they can be easily removed if there is a need to nip any suspicion of a happy love life in the bud…).

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Technical info
  • Cleaning You can simply rinse off the sling in the shower.You can also wash it in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 40 °C (~100 °F). Please remove the carabiner hooks if you wash it in the machine.
  • Dimensions Dimensions of the sex sling "Easy Rider"
  • How to mount You need four hooks in the ceiling to hang the swing. The swing is suspended with the included daisy chains, with which you can also easily adjust the height. Alternatively to ceiling hooks, you can hang the swing on a standard sex swing frame/stand.
  • Load capacity of the swing The swing is safe up to a load of 150 kg (330 lbs) - however, we were not able to destroy the swing during our tests, even fully packed with sandbags. Please also consider the forces that may act on the suspension from the ceiling. And do not forget: force = mass x acceleration! This means that even 100 kg (220 lbs) in large movement (= acceleration) can become a multiple! But the swing is not intended for wildly jumping around in it, you certainly have better things to do with it....
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