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Comfort relax-set for sex swing LONESOME DRAGON “Private Euphoria”

CHF 125.00

This design set transforms your “Private Euphoria” sex swing not only in the twinkling of an eye into a very cozy hanging chair or a hanging lounger, but also offers you completely new possibilities.

You can have the set in the same color as your “Private Euphoria” or set exciting accents by choosing a different matching color.

The set includes the following items:

  • Cute pillow with removable cover
  • Quilted footrest either as an “everyday” alternative to the two footstraps, as a backrest or as a belly support for doggy-style positions in “love swing mode”
  • Stylish drink and utensil holder with neoprene lining

Your sex swing as a quick-change artist

With the pleasing shapes and beautiful colors of this design set you not only visually enhance your "Private Euphoria", but you can also transform it in no time into a "completely innocent" and also ultra-comfortable hanging chair or lounger. And more; it opens up many new possibilities: for example, you can use the one-piece footrest instead of the two footrests, but you can also turn it backwards and get a comfortable backrest, for example, to read or watch TV in a relaxed upright position. Using it as backrest, you can then choose to leave your feet in the two "original" footrests for maximum comfort, or remove them and hang your swing down so far that your feet can touch the ground. The useful drink holder can always keep your drink can within reach, these also stay nice and cool thanks to the neoprene inner material. In addition, you can also use it for your smartphone or utensils such as lubricant, etc.. It can be attached to the ropes of your "Private Euphoria" at any height that suits you best. Comfort Relax Set for Sex Swing Comfort Relax Set for Sex Swing
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