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Giant support cushion pad for sex swing LONESOME DRAGON “Black & White Euphoria”

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  • quilted giant support cushion pad
  • for the sex swing models “Black & White Euphoria” and the “Private Euphoria”
  • same stylish quilted design like the upholstery of the “Private Euphoria”
  • available in luxury genuine leather as well as a vegan version in high-quality synthetic leather of the third generation (microfiber leather)
  • filling with hygienic, antibacterial and breathable polyester hollow fibres
  • surface can be cleaned in a flash
  • less sensitive to stains than the textile upholstery pad
  • can also be used as a giant floor cushion
  • width: 78-80 cm / length 110 – 120 cm
  • not only fluffy and soft, but also almost a small mattress with about 3.5 kg weight and a thickness of 10-13 cm

⇒ Warranty 5 years / Spare parts available

⇒ Hygiene articles: no exchange/return


The super comfortable hygienic padding for the love swing “Black & White Euphoria” by LONESOME DRAGON is now also available individually. It also can be used to transform your “Private Euphoria” swing into the “Black & White Euphoria” version.

This is the robust upholstery in an exclusive version in luxury genuine leather as well as a vegan version in high-quality synthetic leather of the third generation (microfiber leather).

These are not only an absolute eye-catcher in your home, but thanks to the robust, hygienic and easy-to-clean surface of the cushion pad, they are also ideal for use in hotels, clubs and love rooms.

As we have heard, this quilted padding is also used as a giant floor cushion, but a second padding may also be quite practical if the first pad is in the wash (whereby the love swing “Black & White Euphoria” can also be used without padding).

Upholstery / cushion pad We have also taken great care in the selection of materials. The thick and cuddly cushion pad not only looks very appealing thanks to the quilting, but is just absolutely super comfortable. The filling consists of breathable polyester hollow fibres. This makes the padding hypoallergenic and very hygienic because it does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms. Thanks to the leather as well as the synthetic leather version, the upholstery pad can be cleaned in a flash; it is also far less sensitive to stains than the textile upholstery pad. The look Cushions leather and synthetic leather for sexswing

The leather and synthetic leather upholstery is very classy and has a slight silky sheen; however, it is not high-gloss, because we think this would quickly make it look kind of cheap.

Both the leather and faux leather have a visible but unobtrusive texture that adds a very appealing touch to the surface.

The white colors are a beautiful, slightly off-white rather than a bright pure white.

The white of the synthetic leather is even a shade more off-white compared to the real leather.

The color black looks identical for both variants.

Synthetic leather or real leather? To help you decide whether leather or synthetic leather suits you better, we have prepared something for you here:
The surfaces of leather and synthetic leather are definitely faster and easier to clean than textile surfaces, especially with regard to stains, liquids and the like. Nevertheless, these materials also need a bit of care and attention, so that they remain beautiful for a long time. Maintenance and care of synthetic leather Synthetic leather, although much less than genuine leather, is sensitive when it comes to sunlight, so please protect from continuous direct sun. As with genuine leather, sweat, skin grease, creams and some oils and lubricants attack the synthetic leather over time. If these residues are not removed in each case, the synthetic leather becomes brittle over time. It should therefore always be wiped with a damp cloth after use and briefly rubbed dry to prevent long-term wear. For further care, it must be noted that synthetic leather should not be treated like conventional leather. Care substances such as leather grease would not be absorbed, but would remain on the surface as an unsightly smear film. Therefore, there are special care products, which you can additionally use from time to time to keep your synthetic leather beautiful for as long as possible. These products usually consist of sets with a cleaner and a sealant or impregnation. The cleaner helps to dissolve dirt and thus clean the surface. A sealer is applied to the synthetic leather and prevents dirt and abrasion from settling on it. There are countless products for this in the regional retailers, which is why we refrain here from selective mentions or advertising. We only refer as a suggestion and example to the products of this supplier, which also has products for the repair of minor damage to synthetic leather in the range (these products are available in most countries of the world): Maintenance and care of genuine leather Although genuine leather is also a grateful material in terms of care and durability, it also needs some attention to keep it permanently beautiful and supple. Since leather is sensitive to sunlight, such upholstered furniture should not be placed near windows. If light falls on them from one side, leather furniture can become stained or darken or fade unevenly. In addition, leather should be kept in a room where there is sufficient humidity. Leather needs moisture so that it does not dry out and become brittle or fragile. Sweat and skin grease also leave traces on the leather over time, which is why it should be cleaned regularly (or as soon as possible after intensive use) with a damp cloth. Warning: there are some taboos for cleaning leather upholstery: stain removers, turpentine, benzine or solvents must not be used under any circumstances. Persistent dirt can be removed with a brush or cotton cloth. Soft brushes or, even better, rags should be used so as not to scratch the leather (interestingly, even microfiber cloths are not beyond reproach when cleaning leather). For heavy soiling or stains, a leather soap can also be used. It is important that the leather can dry well after a damp cleaning. The material should not dry in the blazing sun, because the sun bleaches it. Better is a shady place, which is flooded with air or has dry air. Especially after cleaning, but also generally once every few months, leather would like to be maintained additionally, so that this gets on the one hand again a protection against liquids and dirt, but also does not dry out over time, whereby it can become brittle and it can even come to cracks. For this purpose, there are countless means and care sets in the specialized trade, which is why we refrain from advertising and only mention this one as an example (these products are available in most countries of the world): Sure, it's important to use a high-quality leather care product, but the most important thing of all is that you really do take the time to care for your beautiful upholstered seat after every cleaning and every once in a while - it will thank you by staying beautiful for a long time.
Technical info
  • width: 75 - 80 cm (30 - 31 in)
  • length: 110 - 120 cm (43 - 47 in)
  • height: 10 - 15 cm (4 - 6 in)
  • Weight: approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
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