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“Classic” Love Swing

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  • 360° Spinning Swing
  • high-quality workmanship
  • 2 adjustable, padded body loops
  • 2 adjustable, fleecy foot and leg straps
  • sturdy metal suspension
  • Loadable up to 180 kg
  • safe thanks to continuous webbing (circumferential over metal bracket of the suspension)
  • Spring, suspension and extension chain included
  • easy cleaning
  • space-saving to stow away
  • perfect for quickies

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*This is the typical love swing model, which you also know from movies (e.g. Desperate Housewifes, Sex in the City, Lucifer etc.).

It consists of a metal bracket, which is suspended from the ceiling with chain and spring. Attached to it are adjustable straps which carry the user.

Sex swings in TV showsOur model is a "360° Spinning Swing", which has a solid metal bow with circulating webbing (safety!) and is made of very high-quality materials.

We distribute these love swings outside the "LONESOME-DRAGON" program. It is from one of the large and renowned manufacturers and is sold on the market under different labels. This swing must not be confused with the cheap models (angled metal bracket and or straps with carabiners attached to the metal bracket).

Although you can have a lot of fun with this part, it is rather the right model for "Quickies". The reason for this is that this type of love swing is often perceived as relatively uncomfortable. You also have to hold on to it, which is tiring in the long run, especially as you can't support your head either.

If you are looking for a really comfortable love swing for long and intense pleasure, the model "Private Euphoria" by LONESOME DRAGON is better suited for you.

Otherwise, this model also provides variety and hot moments; enjoy weightless sex in almost unlimited possible positions, which would not be possible without a love swing and explore your deepest fantasies.

Thanks to the simple construction there is not much to clean. The straps and loops can easily be rinsed off in the shower. After frequent use, the fluffy foot/leg loops may also like a short bath in the sink.
Technical info
  • Colour: black
  • Material: Metal and Nylon
  • Weight: 3,9 kg
  • measurement: 59 x 10 x 20 cm
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