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Rope padding set for sex swing “Private Euphoria”

CHF 24.50

For particularly sensitive skin, this 4-piece pad set provides additional comfort.

The set consists of four thickly padded and cuddly soft “pads”, which can be attached to the ropes and encase them in the exposed areas at the bottom of the ropes.

In this way, contact with the ropes is avoided even in certain positions, so instead the sensitive skin only comes into contact with the fluffy teddy bear fabric.

The set in detail:

  • one set includes 4 padded rope pads
  • easy and quick attachment to the ropes with Velcro fastener
  • despite thick padding thanks to fluffy teddy bear fabric cuddly-soft outside
  • color: black
  • decoration not included

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For the sensitive skin

Thanks to inspiring feedback and ideas from users of the "Private Euphoria", we have now developed this fluffy rope pad set for you and offer it to buyers of the "Private Euphoria" as a treat at cost price. The "Private Euphoria" is basically so wide that the ropes of the suspension do not come into contact with the skin. However, these cozy rope pads enhance the feeling of snugness in the swing. However, there are indeed positions - for example, if you are very limber and hold your legs out to the side of the swing in front of the ropes - where the skin comes to rest against the ropes. With these rope pads the direct contact of the perhaps very fine skin in the inner area of the thighs with the hard ropes is avoided, instead the sensitive skin thus only comes into contact with the teddy bear fabric of the thickly padded pads.
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