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Giant support cushion pad for sex swing LONESOME DRAGON “Private Euphoria”

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  • quilted giant support cushion pad
  • for the sex swing “Private Euphoria”
  • can also be used as a giant floor cushion
  • hygienic, antibacterial material
  • no chance for bacteria/ germs: washable up to 95° C
  • noble and very pleasant Alcantara-like microfibre
  • not only fluffy and soft, but also almost a small mattress with about 2.5 kg weight and a thickness of 10-13 cm.
  • width: 78-80 cm / length 110 – 120 cm

⇒ Warranty 5 years / Spare parts available

⇒ Hygiene articles: no exchange/return


The super comfortable hygienic padding for the love swing “Private Euphoria” by LONESOME DRAGON is now also available individually.

It’s almost impossible to decide on a particular colour; they’re all just gorgeous. The solution: just take one or two more pads.

As we have heard, this quilted padding is also used as a giant floor cushion, but a second padding may also be quite practical if the first pad is in the wash (whereby the love swing “Private Euphoria” can also be used without padding).

This thick padded quilting pad is OEKO-TEX® 100 certified and has a noble but robust cover made of Alcantara-like microfibre. The surface feels very pleasant and soft, but still firm (like fine suede). The filling consists of breathable polyester hollow fibres. This makes the padding hypoallergenic and very hygienic because it does not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms. The colours are very special; depending on the incidence of light, they shimmer in a very soft, imperceptible glow and change according to the type and angle of the light. Please keep in mind that depending on your monitor, the colors may differ slightly in reality. If you want to be on the safe side, you are welcome in the showroom, where you can take your padding with you.
You can simply rinse the upholstery in the shower. You can also wash the upholstery in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 95 °C (203 °F). Tumble drying is possible, but not necessary, as the microfibres do not absorb water. But don’t be alarmed: the support cushion pad is really very large and well filled. Therefore you need a big washing machine. Otherwise it can be cleaned in the bathtub without any problems. In case of intensive use, you can of course take the upholstery to the cleaners for a "general overhaul" every two years or so.
Technical info
  • width: 75 - 80 cm (29 - 31 in)
  • length: 110 - 120 cm (43 - 47 in)
  • height: 10 - 15 cm (4 - 6 in)
  • Weight: approx. 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)
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