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Magic Mirror

CHF 29.50

  • Convex mirror for breathtaking insights with the sex swing
  • Can be fixed with only one move
  • Safe in use: no shards thanks to acrylic technology
  • Fits the love swings “Private Euphoria” and “Bahamian Thrill” by LONESOME DRAGON
  • Decoration not included
Note: the reduced price can only be granted in connection with the purchase of a sex swing.

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Is it politically correct to even mention it? It’s certainly interesting. We already know that at least half of our customers are actually female customers, and we are very pleased about that. That times have changed, however, becomes clear at the latest when the idea and demand for this special mirror comes from women.

No wonder, nowadays women also want to get their money’s worth and are proud to satisfy your legitimate needs and live out their fantasies.

And this is exactly where the magic mirror comes into play. Fastened with a single hand movement, it grants the partner in the love swing unexpected and incredibly hot insights, the “full action” from the perspective of the partner standing in front of the swing.

Just hot!

Technical info
  • Mirror surface: acrylic
  • Frame and back: black plastic
  • Diameter: approx. 170 mm (6.7 in)
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