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The cozy and wild Euphoria sex swing

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  • The combination of the black cushion with the fluffy faux fur on top makes the Cozy Euphoria the ultimate snuggle swing.
  • The dual-layer padding combo not only looks sharp, it makes you feel like you’re floating among the clouds.
  • The synthetic cover is odorless, hygienic, and washable.
  • Check out the Sex swing “Private Euphoria” and Sex swing “Black & White Euphoria” listings for details on the swing itself.
  • You can also purchase just the cover to combine it with any Euphoria swing. Perfect for both leather and synthetic versions.
  • Just in love with how the cover adds to the décor? Playtime particularly “wet” between you and your partner? No problem. The cover simply rests on top of the cushion, so you can remove it in a split second.
Note: The pillow in the picture is not included. It’s part of the Comfort Relax-Set.

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Give your Euphoria sex swing a special touch – one of equal parts refinement and melt-into-the-cushion comfort. All you need is the plush, stunning, fluffy-soft faux fur cover to elevate the look and feel of your Euphoria to the next level.

Simply drape the premium, extra-large cover over the cushion to make your swing one with the clouds while giving it a regal and unique look.

Although the cover can be purely decorative, it’s also the perfect way to add a dose of cozy to your “regularly scheduled programming” in the sex swing.

Purchase the Cozy Euphoria for the complete set: faux fur cover, Euphoria swing, and black upholstery. You can also order just the faux fur cover by itself – it’s perfect for combining with any Euphoria, pairing nicely with both leather and faux leather versions.

For details on the swing itself, please check out the Sex swing “Private Euphoria” and Sex swing “Black & White Euphoria” listings.

Approximate dimensions of the cover are 125 x 105 cm (50 x 40 inch).

Closeup sheepskin fur on the sex swing
Dimensions Sheepskin Sexswing Euphoria
We ourselves don't appreciate it at all when you have to buy all the so-called "extras" for products like cars in order to get something useful at the end. However, our "Private Euphoria" as such, as it was originally developed, is fully and perfectly suitable for your pleasure and basically requires no accessories for endless fun. The accessories offered here have been developed over time based on ideas and inspirations from you and your experiences with the "Private Euphoria" (thank you for your great feedback!) to be able to fulfill special wishes. We do not want to withhold these now implemented ideas from all of you and are pleased to also make these articles available to you as added value and in the sense of ".... actually it would be nice too ...." and to offer them in connection with the purchase of a "Private Euphoria" at cost price.
Storage bag for your sexswing

Handy storage bag

In this way, the entire "Private Euphoria", including accessories, can be stowed away in one easy step and, for example, pushed under the bed or placed behind a door.
comfort relax-set for sex swing “Private Euphoria”

Comfort relax & conversion set

With it, you can turn your "Private Euphoria" into a "normal" hanging seat in no time at all, and you won't even need to hold your drink while chilling out.
rope paddings for your sex swing

Set of rope pads

For particularly sensitive skin, there are these fluffy rope pads to protect exposed skin areas from contact with the ropes.
Fluffy Handcuffs for your sex swing

Fluffy handcuffs

Our cuddly and soft handcuffs bring the extra "kick" into play.
Icon Gift Box comes as free gift with your Euphoria swing!
Magic-Mirror - the hot mirror for your love swing

Magic Mirror - even more fun

This mirror allows the partner in the swing completely new and hot insights into the lustful events.
Upholstery Sex-Swing

Cushion pad / Upholstery - leather and synthetic leather

Upholstery pads in elegant leather and sturdy synthetic leather to transform your "Private Euphoria" into a "Black & White Euphoria". Available in black and white.
Upholstery Sex-Swing

Cushion pad / Upholstery - textile

A second cushion pad in a different color brings variety into the game and you also always have such a "ready for use", if times one is in the wash. They come in many different gorgeous colors.
Ceiling mounting for love swings

360° XL ceiling mount

Securely hold onto wood beams and concrete ceilings with the solid ceiling mounting kit. Available in polished steel, white or classy black.
black pigtail hook for hanging the sexswing

Swing hook for wooden beam

Stylish and massiv swing hook for wooden beams. Available in different colors (e.g. black for natural wooden beams, white for white beams) to achieve a harmonious overall look with your swing.
Wall stand for love swings

Wall stand for sex swings

As an alternative to a ceiling mount or an expansive free-standing rack, we tracked down this clever wall stand for you.
LONESOME DRAGON Shot Glasses for hot hours with your new love swing

LONESOME DRAGON shot glasses gift set

For the befitting mood and as a prelude to sizzling hours with your love swing, get now our unique shot glasses set in an eye-catching gift box.
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