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Leather Suspension Wrist Cuffs with Spreader Bar

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Stylish, multifunctional hanging set with cuffs and trapeze bar for the playful and fun way to let it all hang out.

  • Suspension cuffs with height-adjustable padded handles for comfortable and secure restraint
  • Stylish, and no unsightly chains
  • Set them up for use as handcuffs or ankle cuffs
  • Use as handcuffs without a trapeze bar for many other exciting variations of play (e.g., on the wall, in bed or with additional ropes or chains)
  • Extra D-rings on the sides for additional sizzling and creative fun
  • Multifunctional suspension set includes:
    • Solid trapeze bar with polished steel balls
    • Suspension ropes with metal ring
    • Two padded leather cuffs (left and right) with height-adjustable, padded handles and additional D-rings for creative ideas

The stylish, multifunctional hanging set for the playful and fun way to let it all hang out – without any unsightly chains. For exciting standing positions. Or captivating pleasure. Or both at the same time. ツ

Sturdy cuffs with inner padding hang enticingly at both ends of the elegant and solid trapeze bar. They’re a spicy invitation…

Ready to play in alluring standing positions where one partner can completely surrender to the other? Lock those wrists in.

Looking to toss things up even more? Buckle the ankles up.

Leather wrist cuffs / handcuffs with trapeze bar in multi-function suspension set

The thickly padded supports for the wrists and the height-adjustable, padded handles can be gripped comfortably and securely in any position. Set these cuffs up in different ways to hold hands or feet in place.

Take the cuffs off the spreader bar for all kinds of hot ways to play. And don’t forget about the D-ring on each cuff! The possibilities are endless… what can you dream up for your next bedroom adventure?

Technical Info
  • General The solid trapeze bar – the same great model used for our Euphoria swings – creates a very special ambience with its polished steel balls on the ends. The leather cuffs are also an absolute eye-catcher. From the moment you first pick them up, you’ll be impressed by the feel of the thick leather. High-quality stitching along every edge is color-coordinated with the inner padding to give this set a very special touch. Exceptional workmanship and attention to detail make each cuff a true culmination of craftsmanship. These small works of art are crafted for us with great care and love by a renowned European leather manufacturer.
  • Dimensions Dimensions of the multifunctional suspension set with leather handcuffs / armcuffs /wrist cuffs and trapeze bar
  • Care and Cleaning Although genuine leather is a grateful material in terms of care and durability, it also needs some attention to keep it permanently beautiful and supple. Since leather is sensitive to sunlight, such items should not be placed near windows. If light falls on them from one side, leather furniture can become stained or darken or fade unevenly. In addition, leather should be kept in a room where there is sufficient humidity. Leather needs moisture so that it does not dry out and become brittle or fragile. Sweat and skin grease also leave traces on the leather over time, which is why it should be cleaned regularly (or as soon as possible after intensive use) with a damp cloth. Warning: there are some taboos for cleaning leather upholstery: stain removers, turpentine, benzine or solvents must not be used under any circumstances. Persistent dirt can be removed with a brush or cotton cloth. Soft brushes or, even better, rags should be used so as not to scratch the leather (interestingly, even microfiber cloths are not beyond reproach when cleaning leather). For heavy soiling or stains, a leather soap can also be used. It is important that the leather can dry well after a damp cleaning. The material should not dry in the blazing sun, because the sun bleaches it. Better is a shady place, which is flooded with air or has dry air. Especially after cleaning, but also generally once every few months, leather would like to be maintained additionally, so that this gets on the one hand again a protection against liquids and dirt, but also does not dry out over time, whereby it can become brittle and it can even come to cracks. For this purpose, there are countless means and care sets in the specialized trade, which is why we refrain from advertising and only mention this one as an example (these products are available in most countries of the world): Sure, it's important to use a high-quality leather care product, but the most important thing of all is that you really do take the time to care for your beautiful cuffs after every cleaning and every once in a while - they will thank you by staying beautiful for a long time.
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