Your products seem very expensive. Why can’t you make them cheaper?

Your products seem very expensive. Why can’t you make them cheaper?

Some of the basic prerequisites for low-priced products:

  • Mass production with associated low costs and highly optimized and automated processes
  • The claim to throw a product anonymously onto the market as a mass product and thus deprive it of its individual magic
  • The use of as cheap as possible materials and components

LONESOME DRAGON makes a point of not doing any of this.

Indeed, we could be much cheaper, maybe even while maintaining the same quality, if we had our “Private Euphoria”, for example, fully manufactured and packaged in bulk the Far East (ideally using different hubs in different regions of the continent). This would mean our products could be delivered to customers by simply “box moving” them through an online shop. To do this, all we’d need would be an internet connection in a sunny country somewhere and we could retire to lead a life of leisure…

However, this isn’t what LONESOME DRAGON is about. For us, LONESOME DRAGON is our passion. We pour our heart and soul into our brand, living and breathing it. We enjoy your visits in our showrooms (preferably over a coffee, beer or glass of bubbly) and like to get to know you, our customers. We are still putting our own hands on everything, wrap and box every single item, take it to the post office and are really happy when we know it’s finally reached you as its proud new owner.

We would like to preserve this path as long as possible, where passion instead of cold numbers and accountants drive our business – even if this means that we don’t get rich (yet) as quickly 🙂

Last but not least, we all know what a single romantic dinner costs – at least here in Switzerland. Not to mention if you enjoy more than one course and maybe even some wine.

By comparison, the pleasure of your “Private Euphoria” is fortunately not only unique. It’s built to stand the test of time and will last long into the future. So if you count down to the single hour of pleasure it is really an absolute bargain 🙂

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