Of course, love swings are actually something completely harmless. Nevertheless you are at a certain distance from the safe ground. A fall can have really serious consequences, especially since in the event of an accident you might hit the hard ground with your back or head.


For this reason, it goes without saying that the fastening to the ceiling (or a beam, etc.) has been carried out properly and that the material (ceiling) is suitably load-bearing.


Nevertheless, before each use it must be checked briefly whether the ceiling attachment is not loose, whether no connections (e.g. screws on the frame of the love swing) have come loose and whether there is no damage to the material. The spring and the rope must also be checked accordingly.


While models like “Private Euphoria” are very safe, you have to hold on to a classic love swing. Therefore such models may only be used in good physical condition.


As I said, it’s “just a swing”, but most accidents actually happen in the household….

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