Cleaning and care

Cleaning and care

The classic love swings are cleaned with a damp cloth, with a sponge or also by rinsing under the shower.


The “Private Euphoria” model from LONESOME DRAGON can also be rinsed off in the shower, just like the quilted giant support cushion pad.


The giant support cushion pad can even be washed in the washing machine (or bathtub) at up to 95° (!). Tumble drying is possible, but not necessary, as the microfibres do not soak up water.


But don’t be alarmed: the support cushion pad is really very large and well filled. Therefore you need a big washing machine. Otherwise it can be cleaned in the bathtub without any problems.


For cleaning and care of the upholstery of the “Black & White Euphoria” please see here (select tab “Care”): Black & White Euphoria

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