Are there additional costs to pay in my country such as customs duties etc.?

Are there additional costs to pay in my country such as customs duties etc.?

Since we always ship with complete shipping documents, customs tariff numbers and declarations of origin, etc., there are no problems with customs, but in many countries purchases from abroad are regarded and taxed as imports.


We ship all over the world and are not familiar with the laws of every country and have no influence over them. To be on the safe side, you need to check with your local authority.


As far as other European countries are concerned, we think that, due to the customs tariff number with which we send our “Private Euphoria” and the bilateral trade agreement, no duty should be levied on it. But it is very likely that you will still have to pay your country’s local VAT, which will be collected by the post office as the state collection agency. A (small) processing fee will probably also apply.


We think it is really unfair and highly regrettable (and we also get extremely annoyed every time we order something from abroad and have to pay extra), but we adhere to the local legislation or the tax laws of the various countries to which we ship, and are powerless against them.


Nevertheless, with this product, it is worth investing, because luckily the pleasure with the “Private Euphoria” is not just a one-off experience. It is so robust that it will last a long, long time – and if you take into account the many hours of pleasure that it will give you, it is still an absolute bargain.

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