Sac de rangement pour la balançoire sexuelle LONESOME DRAGON « Private Euphoria »

CHF 34.50

  • Sac de rangement utile pour la “Private Euphoria”.
  • La balançoire sexuelle complète, y compris la barre de trapèze, les repose-pieds, les cordes et le ressort, peut être rangée dans le boîtier avec une seule poignée.
  • Idéal pour le “rangement” grâce au tissu du sac à dos respirant et léger.
  • Si nécessaire, la fermeture éclair peut être sécurisée par un petit cadenas.
  • S’adapte également très bien sous le lit ou derrière une porte.
  • Il offre suffisamment d’espace pour accueillir davantage d’ustensiles, de vêtements et de jouets.
  • Décoration et contenu du sac non inclus.
Note : le prix réduit ne peut être accordé que dans le cadre de l’achat de la balançoire sexuelle “Private Euphoria”.

After all, one of the great advantages of the sex swing «Private Euphoria» is that you do not need to hide it. On the contrary, it is not only an ultra-comfortable hanging lounger, but also a piece of furniture that can set accents.

But if you have too little space or do not want to share your sex swing with two-legged and multi-legged roommates, this storage bag offers a very clever solution. Because the whole «Private Euphoria» can be stowed away in this cover with a flick of the wrist by holding it at the top of the spring and hanging it off, just as it is. Without having to worry about the cushion pad or removing the trapeze bar. Sometimes life can be so simple….

Protected from dust and perhaps prying eyes, the whole «Private Euphoria» can thus be easily slid under the bed or stowed elsewhere to save space.

But the best thing is that you can also put everything else you need for the romantic hours in this storage bag. The fabric of the bag is soft and can adapt somewhat to the contents; so you can store not only small utensils in it, but also larger things. Thus, with this storage bag you have a «love suitcase» that holds everything you need for the exciting moments in life.

Last but not least: You don’t want the kids to rummage around in your «love suitcase» when they are out exploring (and misuse your toys for their own creative games or even let them be used in their doctor games *lol*)? Thanks to the openings in the zipper handles, you can even protect the bag with a small lock from unauthorized access if necessary.

Technical info
  • matériau : tissu respirant pour sac à dos
  • longueur : 102 cm
  • largeur : 76 cm
  • hauteur : 20 cm (flexible, peut s'adapter au contenu)
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